Bias Tee up to 6GHz 200V, (higher voltage options avalaible)

The bias tee dedicated for VDC=200V working in frequency band from 600MHz up to 6GHz was developed by RFLINE. Now it is fully functional prototype. The mechanical design depends on customer requirements. If any questions please contact us

General parameters:


  • Frequency band: 0.6GHz – 6GHz,
  • Reflection at RF input/output: VSWR<1.5 @ f=1-6GHz, VSWR<2 @ f=0.6-1GHz,
  • Insertion losses: IL  <  1dB @ f=0.6-5.5GHz,   IL <1.8dB f>5.5GHz
  • VDC max: 200V ( other options up to 900V avaliable ),
  • IDC max 250mA, 
  • Izolation DC<> RF  I>30dB,